Ela Iliesi
International SEO Consultant and Trainer

I am very lucky to do what I love, and it all started with learning SEO.

I see SEO as one of the greatest abillities one can have, both profesionally and personally in a digital world like ours now.

The first online project I’ve launched was Dizabillove.ro, a free dating site for people with disabilities.

I had no financial objective and I first started learning SEO in order to improve the website so that it could be easily accessed by people with visual imparments.

And then I learned that SEO is main channel for traffic and conversions and most businesses would benefit of SEO services.

15 years and hundreds of projects later, to this day SEO still means for me first improvement and second promotion.

By doing SEO¬†we’re creating better websites and helping people find the information they need.

I also find myself regularly using SEO tools in order to find business ideas and great content I would have otherwise missed or spent too many days/months/years finding.

As you can tell if you’ve been following my posts, I am very passionate about SEO.

And I enjoy working on projects that make people’s lives somehow more beautiful and simple.

In case you’re interested in working with me please see the Services page.

Thank you for stopping by!