Advanced Search Operators

Link building: Advanced search operators

Search operators come in handy in SEO for many reasons: Whenever optimizing a new site from a new vertical they are the easiest way to find the relevant websites where your site should be promoted on. [keyword] blog list [keyword] news [keyword] forum [keyword] “guest post” [keyword] “roundup” [keyword] resources” The same when having to find relevant sites where you …

SEO leads funny

SEO funny images

Know SEO / SEM? Then you’ll get why this images are so funny. They always make me chuckle. Do you have a favorite SEO or AdWords joke? Let me know in the comments.

Number One

Does it pay to be number one?

Us working in search engine optimization know being number 1 on Google does pay off, from past results or our known projects. But when a client has some doubts about investing in SEO it’s good to be able to show him some numbers of what to expect. Released AOL Search Data show these results: Total Searches:9,038,794 Total Clicks: 4,926,623 Click Rank1: 2,075,765 …


Link building: Build a museum

People love visiting museum as they are entertaining and give you the chance to learn something you might not have known. So why not create your own small online museum, as a well reasearch article or series of articles that present the evolution of your domain, or a topic of your domain that interests you most and has a vast …
black hat white hat

SEO Trivia: “Black hat, white hat”

“I coined the term “black hat, white hat” sometime around 2002. It was based on something I noticed in cowboy movies when I was a kid. The good cowboys all wore white hats and the bad guys wore black. I used it as an analogy for those online marketers who stuck to Google’s guidelines (particularly around linking practices) and those …

will it blend

Link building: Go crazy

  Great viral videos like the Will it blend series, books like The purple cow of Seth Godin and strategies like joining the blue ocean, all teach us the fact that the crazier and unique our marketing, the better in terms of grabbing the audience’s interest. The more attention you attract, the more links you also get. So when everybody’s …

SEO Trivia: “The story of backlinks”

Once upon a time two of the nerds at Stanford were not satisfied with the current options for searching online, so they attempted to develop a better way. Being long-time academics, they eventually decided to take the way academic papers were organized and apply that to webpages. A quick and fairly objective way to judge the quality of an academic …