SEO Portfolio Ela Iliesi

I make websites search engine celebrities – they’re always on the first page 🙂

  • International SEO Trainer & Consultant.
  • Named by Squirrly one of the 5 most inspirational SEO trainers in the world.
  • The SEO Specialist you need to rank higher on Google and grow your business with SEO.

Work Experience

SEO all the way:

  • Blogger & Junior SEO (2007)
  • Site Owner (since 2009)
  • SEO Specialist (since 2010)
  • Digital Marketing Specialist (since 2011)
  • Trainer (since 2012)
  • Author (since 2014)
  • SEO Manager Ringier & eJobs (since 2018)

Speaking fluent Google, English and Romanian.

Expert Level Achievements

I optimised hundreds of sites but here are the tough to obtain results I most proud of:

Got Libertatea to be No 1

for the term: stiri (news)

Search Volume: 953.000 / month (one of the top 3 non brand terms most searched for in the country)

Keyword Difficulty: 93

Time it took: 12 months

Got Domino’s Pizza to be No 1

for the term: pizza

Search Volume: 40.000 / month

Keyword Difficulty: 46

Time it took: 6 months

Case Studies

Increased eJobs’s organic traffic by 40%

2022 vs 2023

A website which was already highly popular and on the first position on Google for many keywords, but had major untapped SEO potential.

Brought a +500% organic traffic increase for B2C & B2B content sites

Cariera & WeAreHR

Websites that already had teams regularly producing quality content, but did not have much organic traffic as they lacked SEO strategies.


How long before I see results?

On average, clients begin to see traffic increasing in 3-4 months.

How long do results last?

In the right conditions results last for years.

I have optimised the Domino’s Pizza website in 2015 and it has kept the 1st position ever since.

How do we get started?

Get in touch the info on my Contact page.