Facebook reporting time

Are you making this Facebook Ads mistake?

Another great tip I found in Neil Patel’s latest posts is one related to Facebook ads which I think 90% of marketers do. If you haven’t changed the default settings on Facebook, you’re probably running your ads 24 hours a day. While this can be great if you’re targeting international Facebook users around the globe, it can also be a …

Youtube growth hack

3 Growth Hacks used by huge sites in the beginning

Growth hacks are creative marketing techniques which can really help a site grow without spending too much of a budget. Neil Patel’s latest post 20 Uncommon Marketing Strategies mentioned some really interesting ones, used by now really huge sites. They must have done something right, so I say let’s study them and apply if they fit: Hosting contests Apparently, YouTube grew to …

Apples and oranges analogy image

Online Marketing analogies that make sense

I love analogies, ways of presenting something with other words, more easy to understand. These days I’ve heard 3 online marketing analogies that are pretty great: Doing SEO is like being an impresario: you take small unknown sites, improve them and make them famous on Google Linkbuilding is like pointing with laser / lanterns towards a site, the more back links …

Cooking Ingredients

Why SEO is a bit like cooking

One of Brian Dean’s best guide (Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page) includes how outbound links, such as links to the Wikipedia page from where a certain information was taken from, can prove to be benficial for SEO. As many other tactics this can help, unless it will be abused. And that’s why SEO is a bit like cooking, even …

Advanced Search Operators

Link building: Advanced search operators

Search operators come in handy in SEO for many reasons: Whenever optimizing a new site from a new vertical they are the easiest way to find the relevant websites where your site should be promoted on. [keyword] blog list [keyword] news [keyword] forum [keyword] “guest post” [keyword] “roundup” [keyword] resources” The same when having to find relevant sites where you …

SEO leads funny

SEO funny images

Know SEO / SEM? Then you’ll get why this images are so funny. They always make me chuckle. Do you have a favorite SEO or AdWords joke? Let me know in the comments.