Us working in search engine optimization know being number 1 on Google does pay off, from past results or our known projects. But when a client has some doubts about investing in SEO it’s good to be able to show him some numbers of what to expect.

Released AOL Search Data show these results:

Total Searches:9,038,794
Total Clicks: 4,926,623

Click Rank1: 2,075,765
Click Rank2: 586,100 = 3.5x less
Click Rank3: 418,643 = 4.9x less
Click Rank4: 298,532 = 6.9x less
Click Rank5: 242,169 = 8.5x less
Click Rank6: 199,541 = 10.4x less
Click Rank7: 168,080 = 12.3x less
Click Rank8: 148,489 = 14.0x less
Click Rank9: 140,356 = 14.8x less
Click Rank10: 147,551 = 14.1x less

So being the first you’ll get 3 1/2 times more traffic as opposed to being the second, and the numbers keep sliding from there.