Free Linkbuilding techniques

Best free SEO link building techniques

If you’re thinking in terms of money saving, best free valuable links you could get can come from Guest posting.

Even sites like Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and so on, accept free guest posting, if they find the article(s) would be interesting for their users.

Otherwise, an advertorial on any of these websites would cost you somewhere from a couple of hundreds to a couple of thousands of dollars. So yes, if you’re fighting with big budget companies, get really good at content writing and guest posting.

But the strongest sites online offer a chance to get great links from them even without trying this hard.

Think about Google’s + business page, Pinterest boards filled with images which act like banners towards your site, Facebook albums which can rank higher then websites if are well optimised. You can do them right now completely free!

And you know what other free and absolutely amazing SEO link building technique marketers nowadays ignore? Blog comments.  Huge influencers either don’t accept advertorials or ask thousands of dollars for them or for campaigns.  But you can use advanced Google operators right now to find their well-positioned blogs where you can also leave a comment, right now, for free.