Youtube growth hack

3 Growth Hacks used by huge sites in the beginning

Growth hacks are creative marketing techniques which can really help a site grow without spending too much of a budget.

Neil Patel’s latest post 20 Uncommon Marketing Strategies mentioned some really interesting ones, used by now really huge sites.

They must have done something right, so I say let’s study them and apply if they fit:

  1. Hosting contests

Apparently, YouTube grew to the biggest video-sharing website in the world by offering a free iPod Nano each day to users who uploaded videos and invited friends.

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2. Get users from the competition

When Airbnb launched, to acquire new users, they ran an email campaign targeting people who posted their places to stay on Craigslist.

These emails appeared to be from a friendly Craigslist user interested in letting them know about the site.

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3. Offer users money either directly or through referral programs

When it was just a startup, PayPal offered new customers $10 and existing customers $10 for referrals. The total cost was $20 in cash for each new customer. How much are you spending now for one client?

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